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Third Party Manufacturer

Third Party Pharma Manufacturer - Looking for best Pharma Manufacturing Company in India? Want the best third party pharma manufacturers in India? Vaxova Drugs is one of the top 10 pharma manufacturing companies to provide you with an extensive list of DCGI approved drug formulations. Our company is a certified ISO Company that owns a vast set of Schedule M, GMP-WHO units. We provide solutions to varied kinds of pharma specialities like diabetics, pediatric medicines, oncology, cardiology, ophthalmic, ENT etc.

Manufacturing services are a good way to expand your business. Vaxova Drugs is a reputed third party pharma manufacturer & supplier in India. The company is certified with GMP, WHO, DCGI etc. We provide you with the best quality solution for all varieties of tablets, capsules, pills, syrups, oral suspension, powders, creams, ointments etc. Our manufacturing units have the capacity to meet huge orders at ease of convenience. You get the benefits of excise duty-free manufacturing which makes our services affordable yet genuine.

Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services Provider in India - Vaxova Drugs

Haryana-based Pharma Company, Vaxova Drugs is a reputed pharma manufacturer and supplier. Our company has made its identity as a genuine, trustable and ethical pharma manufacturing company in Gujarat. We have been offering quite extravagant quality pharma APIs, drugs and products solution for pharma manufacturing. All the drug formulations are certified by Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). Here are some of the drug dosage that we are covering in outsourcing services:

  • Beta-lactam Capsules
  • Beta-lactam Tablets
  • Capsules (Soft Gelatin Capsules/ Softgel, Hard Shelled Capsules)
  • Dermatological Products (Face Wash, Soap, Shampoo, etc)
  • Dry syrup (Oral Suspensions, Sachets)
  • Injections (Dry Injection also)
  • Liquids (Liquid Preparations, Drops, Spray, Syrup, Elixirs,)
  • Ointments (Creams, Lotions, Gels, etc)
  • Powder
  • Tablets (Caplets, Pills, Pallets, Orally Disintegrating Tablet (ODT)) etc.

Here you will get multiple of anti-infective, anti-thrombotic, antibiotics, analgesics, multivitamins, painkillers etc. Vaxova Drugs is the best 3rd party pharma manufacturing company in India. Our company is a best-known drugs formulation developers and manufacturer in India. We are known suppliers and traders of a wide range of pharma formulations. Our company has self-owned manufacturing units in excise duty-free zones of India. They are set up in accordance with Schedule M of Cosmetic and Drugs Act.

Pharma Manufacturing Services At Vaxova Drugs

Our company provides a range of solutions to our clients. We have been serving people all across India with sophisticated and qualitative drugs solution. Here you will get the best assemble cast in the entire nation. We have collaborated and combined better and improved techniques and technology. Our services include assistance in:

  1. Assured Quality & Assembling of Resources.
  2. Designing and Packing Material Procurement.
  3. Promotional/ Marketing Tool Items (Visual Aids, Product Profiles, Brochures, Catch Covers, Promotional Literatures, etc).
  4. Timely Delivery.
  5. Trademark & Drugs Approval/ Registration.

Genuine Pharma Manufacturing Facilities in India | Vaxova Drugs

Our company lays the best state-of-art infrastructure facilities for all the clients. We are a prominent name in the world of top pharma franchise companies in India. Our pharma formulations accumulate over 300+ drugs. We cover multiple speciality zones under our offerings like diabetics, cardiovascular, neuropsychiatric, nutraceutical, derma range, ENT, oncology, ophthalmic etc. Here are some of the features and benefits of being our third party pharma manufacturing client:

  • The cost structure is very genuine. We always encourage affordable investment schemes for our clients across India.
  • Our units have high output ratio for all drug dosage forms. We assure you to provide you on time delivery for medium to even large orders.
  • Excise duty-free manufacturing makes facilities affordable for you. Taxation benefits are lavish at Vaxova Drugs.
  • Computerized technology is used to process drug formulations.
  • A transparent agreement based on mutual understanding.
  • World-class infrastructure.

Vaxova Drugs invites all the people who are looking for genuine opportunities of 3rd party pharma manufacturing in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. We provide quality manufacturing services in whole Gujarat. If you want to get more details about the business opportunity and benefits, call us at +91+91 8930666616, +91 9736811400, +91 9736711400 . We will be looking forward to your response.